Gardner Camp Astronomy Program

Far from city lights with a clear viewing sky unique to the area, Gardner Camp provides the area's best opportunity to learn about astronomy and the night sky!  Our featured StarLab digital planetarium and our high-powered telescope technology elevate lessons in astronomy and space science into interactive and immersive experiences. Below you'll find a plethora of astronomy resources for your study of the night sky!


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Gardner Camp • 26558 160th Street • Hull, IL • Coordinates 39.6480° N, 91.2260° W

Youth Astronomy Club

We invite you to join us in discovering the night sky! Youth will deepen their interest in the stars, the planets, and the fascinating world of space. Gain access to telescopes, software, and technology that will allow you to see the night sky like you never have before. Learn how to get started in astronomy with Gardner Camp!

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StarLab Planetarium Shows

Program & Event Possibilities

  • StarLab Planetarium Shows
  • Monthly Star Parties for Youth Groups
  • Astronomy Speakers Available to Groups
  • Field Astronomy Laboratory for area higher education institutions & schools
  • Astronomy Badge Workshops for Scout groups

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Our STAR PARTIES meet Scout badge requirements - click below to find out more information!


StarLab Digital Planetarium

Projected in an expansive 180-degree panoramic view, images and movies of the stars, planets, and space objects can be seen and studied up-close. No matter the weather, students can travel among the stars and planets in this museum-quality indoor learning laboratory.

Rotary Foundation of QuincyThe StarLab Planetarium was made possible by a generous contribution by Rotary Foundation of Quincy.

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Telescope Technology

Learn the basics of using a variety of optical telescopes. We utilize three high-powered telescopes within our program - Celestron Nexstar 8" Evolution HD, an 8” Meade LX90 ACF Telescope, and a Meade LX85 5” Refractor.


Learning Themes

  • Night Sky Navigation: Learn how wildlife and people use the night sky to find their way
  • Constellation Stories: Learn to find and hear the stories behind the characters in the sky
  • Moon Geography: See and learn about the areas on the moon
  • Star Charts: Learn how to use star charts to find night sky objects
  • Planet Viewing: See the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, and more with your very own eyes

Gardner Camp Clear Sky Chart

Check out what the current sky looks like at Gardner Camp - Dark Blue means Clear Skies! Click on the chart below for more information.

Sky & Telescope Interactive Star Chart

Sky & Telescope: The Essential Guide to Astronomy has an amazing interactive chart that can be used to find out what stars will be out at your specific location on any date at any time!  Check it out - Interactive Star Chart.

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