Jack Gardner’s legacy is about passing down traditions of outdoor recreation to the next generation. Keep the story going!

Share with us your stories about memories made at Gardner Camp. Email us at info@gardnercamp.org if you have a memory, a moment, or a story you’d like to share.

Kroc Center

“Yes, all of our kids loved going to Gardner Camp and would arrive early to make sure they got here in time to go. They were always so excited about attending any and all of the programs at the camp.”
– KROC Center staff


“We love Gardner Camp and can't wait to continue coming for many years!”

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Most definitely, each event we've attended over the years have been "WOW" experiences. Everyone of all ages have just really loved the facility, the people and the activities.”
– Girl Scout Troop Leader

“At each event the planning and experience level of the staff involved has been amazing. This is truly a resource that most youth never have the opportunity to benefit from. Gardner Camp is an example of what all youth outdoor programs should strive to become.”
– Parent