Youth Astro Club

We invite you to join us in discovering the night sky! Youth in grades 6-12 will deepen their interest in the stars, the planets, and the fascinating world of space. Gain access to telescopes, software, and technology that will allow you to see the night sky like you never have before. Learn how to get started in astronomy with Gardner Camp!


Gardner Camp Youth Astronomy Club is the only youth-focused astronomy club in the region. The mission of the Club is to gather like-minded youth and guide them in advancing their learning about the night sky.


The purpose of the Gardner Camp Youth Astronomy Club is to provide area youth the best opportunity to learn about the night sky through elevated lessons in astronomy and space science with interactive and immersive experiences. Club members will learn the basics of using a variety of optical telescopes, the use of star charts to find night sky objects, and introduce members to a vast number of qualified speakers, event opportunities and astronomical resources.

  • Give youth the opportunity for more in-depth study of night sky topics
  • Provide access and training on the operation of astronomy equipment
  • Allow for service opportunities to teach others about the basics of the night sky
  • Field trip opportunities


October - May

Telescope Kid
Star Chart


  • Access to high-level telescopes & eyepieces
  • Invitations to all Star Parties
  • Hands-on educational experiences
  • Sky & Telescope magazine subscription
  • Opportunities to travel
  • Greater exposure to college educational resources
  • Gardner Camp Astronomy Club apparel & observing equipment


  • How to Get Started in Night Sky Observation
  • Basics of Telescopes
  • Major Night Sky Events
  • Constellation, Moon & Planet Studies
  • James Webb Space Telescope Launch
  • Observation Challenges
  • Planning a Star Party


Youth in 6th-12th grade

Membership is renewed annually beginning at the start of the school year.  Each member is expected to support the purpose of the club and Gardner Camp, participate in club events and activities, and to fulfill club responsibilities. The cost for membership is free to members.  Gardner Camp reserves the right to terminate a club member's privileges based on behavior not consistent with Gardner Camp rules and values.