Fishing, Frogging, Ice Skating, oh my!

Late this summer and early fall, we completed construction on a brand-new, 3-acre youth fishing pond.  A wetland area within walking distance from Gardner Hall was transformed into a pond deep enough to maintain a fish population. While it may seem that we have a lot of fishing areas at GC, our backwater lakes and wetland areas throughout camp are too shallow for fish to survive winter. On October 22nd, we stocked the pond with a variety of fishes from the sunfish family – bluegill, bluegill hybrid, and redear sunfish – as well as channel catfish. We also added fathead minnows as a food source for the catfish.  Soon, we will be able to hold instructional classes for basic fishing fundamentals, catfishing methods, frog gigging clinics, and lots more!  The possibilities are endless.  Find out more about Gardner Camp programs at